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Surf Spots

The surf spots are at the south end of Ocean Shores. We have a jetty that holds up to about 10 feet. Anything over that, would be a very tough paddle out. It is best on a SW swell with light or East winds. It is all sand bottom with a rock jetty.

There are a couple of other breaks North of the Jetty that are great too! Because it is beach break, it can be mushy or hollow at times, depending on the size of swell and winds.

When it is too big at the Jetty, we have Damon Point. Damon Point is another peninsula that sticks out inside the bay. Damon is good on any swell direction, but needs about a 5 ft. swell to reach inside. Damon breaks close to the beach and therefore an easy paddle out. If you are a beginner, you want to surf both Damon and the Jetty when it is small. Be sure to stop in, and we will direct you to the best spots.

Wherever there are waves, there will be rip currents or undertows. We do not have undertows, but there are rip currents. Not sure how to paddle out of a rip current?--- stop by and we will explain some safety tips for your surf trip. Rip currents can occur at ANY beach, just not in Ocean Shores, so use the buddy system and you should never go out without some kind of floating device ( surfboard or a bodyboard).

Our water temp averages mid to high 50's and a wetsuit is recommended. Need to rent or buy some gear, we got you covered.

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